Whether you desire to pursue the art of dance as a professional career or as a hobby, we will take you there!


Performance Opportunities:  Dansez! Dansez! provides you the opportunities to perform twice during the year.  If you chose to participate in any performance, there is a $100 fee per recital per year to cover costume rental and stage rental.  Rehearsals and show times will be announced. Costumes must be returned within one-week after the shows; otherwise a late return fee willl be applied, not to exceed $100 per costume.

Summer Program:  Intensive classes, seminars, workshops, and local and international exchange programs are available to you during the summer if you wish to participate.

Summer Intensive: This seven-week long program offers you the opportunity to further explore your talent.  Three classes a day are offered to participants.  A course on Dance History is offered.  The program concludes with a performance.

We also provide summer programs in kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high schools.

Seminars: You will be able to participate in seminars to be held locally.  There is a great opportunity to learn about dancing and further explore your talent.

Workshops: Our studio offers workshops and master classes lead by nationally and internationally renowned professional dancers in order to motivate students to strive their best in the art.  We also provide workshops in kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high schools.

Day program and after-school program in Schools: We also offer day and after-school dance programs in kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high schools.  See our current list of enrolled schools.

Exchange programs: You may choose to travel to New York (ABT), Texas, Haiti (Ayikodans), Dominican Republic, San Juan, Canada, California, Chicago, to broaden your exposure to cultural diversity through dance.  We can arrange your participation through this program.

Studio Rentals
Dansez! Dansez! offers sublease opportunity to dancers/artists for studio rentals, private practices, classes, workshops, seminars, special artistic events and exhibits.  Different sublease terms are available (hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly up to six months). Rental fees vary from $65 to $250 per hour, depending on the type of function you are having.  Please call us for more information at 202-210-2238.

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