Whether you desire to pursue the art of dance as a professional career or as a hobby, we will take you there!

Code of Conduct

Ø     Punctuality is mandatory.  If you arrive 10 minutes late you will be asked to observe class since you will have missed important warm-up exercises required to prevent the risk of injury.

Ø     If you are a ballet student, you are required to be in uniform for your class.

Ø     For all classes, your hair must be tied back or securely pulled off your face.

Ø     Since talking during class is disruptive, we suggest that you keep all conversation at a minimum.

Ø     You are allowed to drink water during your class. However, we discouraged gum chewing and eating while dancing.

Ø     As a policy, smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the dance studio.

Ø     At Dansez! Dansez! instructors and staff show respect for parents and students.  We also expect parents and students to show respect to instructors and staff. Dansez! Dansez! reserves the right to terminate enrollment in its activities due to disruptive and distracting behavior which would be deemed unacceptable for the safety and welfare of other students.

Ø     We recommend that you do not wear your dance shoes on the street or sidewalks so as to preserve the life of your shoes and the dance floor.

Ø     We recommend that you do not wear jewelry in class and suggest that you leave valuables at home.

Ø     Tuition is non-refundable in case of suspension of enrollment or in the event that students withdraw from the program.

We want you to enjoy your dancing experience at Dansez! Dansez! and we simply ask that you follow our studio’s rules and procedures.  Thank you for choosing us as your favorite place to dance!

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