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Bethesda Dance Studio, Home to “Dancing With The Stars Season 3”

Bethesda, Md, September 21, 2006 – Dansez! Dansez! dance studio was selected amongst several studios within DC Metropolitan Area to home the practice of Dancing With The Stars Celebrity, Tucker Carlson.  Tucker Carlson is a Political Columnist at MSNBC.

In August 2006, Sabine Philippe, owner and founder of Dansez! Dansez! was contacted by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Worldwide Productions, LLC., in connection with the series entitled Dancing With the Stars (“Series,”).  BBC wanted to rent some space at Dansez! Dansez! in order to have one of the Series’ celebrities, Tucker Carlson, practice his dance routine with professional dancer Elena Grinenko.  The Series was scheduled to premiere on September 12, 2006.

Dansez! Dansez! was selected based on its unique exotic appearance.  The warm peaceful and well-blended colors of the studio and its decorative Caribbean flare provided the perfect scenario for the celebrities to practice.  BBC Booking Manager, Amy Clemens, stated in an e-mail to Philippe: “What a beautiful place!…Really want to book some time.”  As celebrity Tucker Carlson walked into the studio for the first time, he stated: “Wow! I really like this studio!”  The dancers used the studio for five hours to practice their routine on August 21, 2006.

When asked about the selection of her studio by BBC, Philippe said: “I am honored that Dansez! Dansez! was chosen by Dancing With The Stars to home the dance practice of their celebrities.  I would have never imagined that one day I would be in such closed contact with people from the Series.  She further stated that: “It does show that the world is indeed very small.” Philippe is hopeful that, one day, in the same manner her Haitian Dance Studio was selected by BBC, her native land of Haiti will be chosen to host a major world event, which could help restore the positive image of the Island which has been under so much negative press for the past 20 years.

Philippe, who is also a professional dancer, teaches ballet, jazz, hip-hop, modern, cardio dance, creative movement, dance improvisation, Afro-Caribbean (Haitian) folklore, ballroom and Latin dances at her Bethesda studio.

Media Contact: Soni M’Boule

Bethesda Studio Owner Electrifies Stage at Kennedy Center

Bethesda, Md, July 14, 2006 – Sabine Philippe, owner and founder of the Dansez! Dansez! dance studio in Bethesda, wowed the public at the Kennedy Center with an invigorating performance during the “Yanvalou for a Star” presentation on June 28, 2006.

Philippe and her young dance troupe were selected by the Embassy of Haiti to perform in this event honoring dancer, choreographer and anthropologist Katherine Dunham.

The public was holding its breath as Philippe and her four young dancers were executing her striking choreography; blending Caribbean folklore with contemporary and ethnic influences.  US and international celebrities, dignitaries and prominent political figures attended the event.  Actor Danny Glover, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Congressman Charles Rangel, Haitian legendary dancer Jean-Léon Destiné (a personal friend of Dunham), US Ambassador to Haiti Janet Ann Sanderson, Dr. Glory Van Scott (former dancer from Katherine Dunham Dance Company), as well as Mor Thiam (Dunham’s favorite drummer) were present to salute the late dancer-choreographer.  The vibrant performance of the Dansez! Dansez! dancers was a great opportunity for all to reminisce and relive Dunham’s legacy.

The streamlined routine created by Philippe was expressing feelings of oppression and liberation, suffering, relief and togetherness.  The magnificent white costumes the dancers wore also emphasized the ideas of dispossession and purification.

“The best way to pay a tribute to Katherine Dunham was to incorporate her signature moves and philosophy in our performance and to mix Haitian folklore with modern dancing” Philippe says.  Dunham who died on May 21, 2006, was known for her pioneering work in incorporating African-American, Caribbean, African, and South American movement styles and themes into her ballets.

Minutes after her Kennedy Center performance, dancer-choreographer Philippe was “assailed” by people congratulating her about her stunning performance and asking to be photographed with her.  “I take great pride in dancing for Katherine Dunham, who danced for Haiti, my native land,” said Philippe, when asked about her success that evening.

Philippe, who also teaches ballet, jazz, hip-hop, creative movement, dance improvisation, Afro-Caribbean folklore, and ballroom dancing at her Bethesda studio, is a native of Haiti. She says that one of her primary goals is to help rebuild a positive image for the Caribbean Island that is suffering from all the negative publicity she has been receiving for years.  Philippe further says that one of the most efficient ways to achieve this positive campaign for Haiti is by exposing the World to Haitian Art, should it be through dance, graphic arts or music


Media Contact:Francis Solomon


    Washington, DC, May 9, 2005 –Students at Holy Redeemer Catholic School recently learned the meaning of freedom through Afro-Caribbean dances.

      Sabine Philippe, owner and founder of Dansez! Dansez! studio in Bethesda, gave a “Dance to Freedom” workshop as part of an “Art Week” at the Kensington school that actually had some pupils in tears by the end of the two sessions, according to some parents present at the two sessions.

Philippe, a dancer who specializes in ballet, jazz, modern, Afro-Caribbean folklore and movements, presented the two sessions in Afro-Caribbean dance movements on April 19, which happened to be the anniversary of the beginning of the American Revolutionary War.

Titled “Dance to Freedom,” she presented the dances as part of an American History class, with a French narration to describe what the dances were all about.  Philippe is a native of Haiti who speaks native-perfect French.  The students, mostly from grades 1 to 8, filled the room to capacity.

Philippe replayed the movements African slaves used to express themselves and to communicate with one another, and she interpreted the music through rhythms that the slaves used to communicate about freedom and to revolt.  She led the pupils to execute the same movements and explained to them how Africans–especially Haitian slaves–contributed to the liberation of several American colonies from the British and the French, such as Louisiana and Georgia and others.  African-Americans have participated in the U.S. Armed Forces since the Revolutionary War.  In her two dance sessions, students researched the enlistment of African-Americans, including particular divisions and individuals, in different conflicts.

“What amazed me was the ability of the students to repeat the dance moves and relate to a different culture,” said Mary Del Bianco, one of the organizers of the Art Week. It was electrifying.”

“You are going to go places with this idea!”  “The students had a blast!  Your energy was infectious,” further said Mary Del Bianco.

“It’s been such a great experience for the kids”, said parent Margaret Fitzpatrick.  “My son has been so excited to come to school every day.  I do hope it becomes an annual event.”

Organizers said the program was so successful that they hope to repeat it in 2006.  In fact, they already retained Dansez! Dansez! for Holy Redeemer’s Art Week next May.

Philippe, whose studio provides instruction on ballet, jazz, Afro-Caribbean folklore, hip-hop, and ballroom dancing, said she hopes other area schools will pick up the educational theme of her dances and make them part of their school curriculum.  Through her dance work, Philippe’s desire is to rebuild the image of Haiti, which has been tarnished internationally.  She hopes that, along with other Haitian artists living inside and outside the Island, the cultural impact of her dance studio abroad will help Haiti regain the former title of: “La Perle des Antilles” (Pearl of the Islands).  Sabine Philippe can be reached at: 202-210-2238, or via e-mail:sabine@dansezdansez.com


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